Massive simulations in finance, industry and health require a smart orchestration of millions of computations
for quicker results

ArmoniK is the modern open-source orchestrator designed
to manage the distribution of huge graphs of computation tasks on premises and in the cloud.

Designed on Kubernetes for huge HTC & HPC use cases,
ArmoniK will accelerate the modernization of your simulations’ ecosystem, while leveraging hyperscalers strengths.

A simple access to a quasi unlimited
elastic hybrid infrastructure

  • A native unified computing access to internal infrastructure and public clouds
  • Leverage hyperscalers for drastic ramp-up to millions of cores in minutes, new processors availability and pay per use model
  • Optimize your footprint with on-demand computing servers allocation/release
  • Mutualize your onprem compute and standard servers or teams with Kubernetes

A robust and ultra performant at scale orchestrator managing data and computing tasks dependencies

  • An optimal design able to manage simulations requiring millions of computations tasks running on millions of cores with low latency
  • Manages graphs of computing tasks, through a smart dependency mechanism on required data and tasks input/output conditions
  • A design offering un unprecedent level of resiliency and robustness leveraging native Kubernetes strengths with a full DevSecOps product cycle

An open-source approach for savings
and innovations

  • No license costs
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Innovative features openly shared among the community
  • Professional support and services available

Easy to integrate, test, deploy and operate

  • Performant gRPC APIs and SDK for applications, with no language adherence
  • Standardized integration with your databases, and queuing architecture
  • Seamless upgrades from API of most existing commercial grid products
  • DevOps configuration and deployment with terraform automation
  • Leverage native Kubernetes’ auto-scaling and resiliency capabilities
  • A customizable monitoring framework optimized heavy logs live supervision

Our partners

Do not hesitate to talk about ArmoniK and join us

  • Aneo
  • Crédit Agricole CIB
  • AWS

Live since July 2022 in CA-CIB Capital Market

« After 18 months of projects we successfully deployed ArmoniK on our daily risks on AWS, first time for us in the cloud ! »

Marcel Phan,Head of GMD IT, CA-CIB

What our clients say about us

  • « Leveraging AWS cloud power for our risks computation, while replacing DataSynapse by ArmoniK was a real challenge and we succeeded in one year and a half. »

    Vincent LACROIXHead of Equity IT, CA-CIB
  • « This great CA-CIB, AWS, ANEO partnership made possible this incredible success: offer AWS cloud power and innovation to CA-CIB business through ArmoniK, only when necessary and at the right cost ! »

    Gilles TOURPEHPC Business Manager, AWS